Dear TSAOHN members,

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are beginning to change colors and we are anticipating a time of cooler weather and football. Let us not forget that we are also hoping our Houston Astros will win the 2021 World Series.

Well, within our organization, we are looking for you, our members, to step forward and say, “I am willing to serve”. We need you to become a part of our state Board of Directors. There are six open positions on the board for this years’ election.

The six positions are:

The Director positions will be appointed by the President after the elections. The four Director positions are Governmental Affairs/Bylaws/Policy and Procedures, Communications/Publicity, Conference/Vendors, and Awards/Recognition/Benevolence.

The process of notifying us of your willingness to serve is very simple. You may self-nominate or have someone else nominate you. The paperwork is attached. Please review the positions and the qualifications for each position. Should you decide to run for a position, please complete the appropriate form and return before October 20th, 2021. Instructions are on the forms.

The Board is looking forward to working with you.

Linda Walker
Election Advisor Chairperson, 2020-2021