Board of Directors

The TSAOHN Board of Directors is composed of the following:

The Directors are appointed to the following positions:

The Board of Directors meet three times a year and an invitation is extended to each of the local chapter presidents to attend.


Melinda Cordova

TSAOHN members and prospects, thank you for the opportunity to serve on the board of our professional organization. It is an honor and privilege. I have been an OHN for 20 years and have learned everything that I know from you, the members. You serve so valiantly, you face the challenges and continue to show up and represent what OHNs are all about. We are here with you and for you. Your board of directors stands stronger than ever and is committed to provide the service our members deserve. Join us in sustaining our profession and enhancing our role in industry. OHNs are the heartbeat of the worker population.

Hilda Wist
President Elect

TSAOHN members, as president -elect, I have taken my oath with serious intent. I bring over 20 years of leadership experience to the table. Our ultimate goal must be victory! Our success will be determined by each and everyone of our united and combined efforts, ensuring that our voice as occupational health nurses is continued to be recognized as the vanguard for maintaining the highest standards in our industry. These standards, that have been forged in our bylaws by our previous and exceptional leaders will continue to be our blueprint for our success. I extend a warm welcome to each and everyone of us by volunteering on our local, state and national boards to keep our organization solid, vibrant and current as we continue to serve our communities with much needed health care needs. Respectfully, Hilda Wist MSN, APRN, FNP Nurse Practitioner

Kevin Bready
Treasurer / NTAOHN Chapter President

I have been involved with AAOHN, TSAOHN, and NTAOHN for a shorter time than most of the other directors, but have strived to be an active participant at all levels advocating for the advancement and maintenance of our profession. I was a non-traditional nursing student having first started my medical career as a paramedic. While a medic, I had my first experiences in Occ health while working in the offshore oil and gas industry, I quickly made the decision to return to school to become an RN hoping eventually to transition back to Occupational Health, seeing it as an avenue to make a larger difference. Having also worked as an ER nurse, ICU nurse, and in surgery – I have combined those skills and resources to provide my employer and this organization with the best of my skills, abilities and judgement. I am a lifelong learner and come to this position with a collaborative spirit that is results focused. I am pleased to be working on your behalf for TSAOHN and look forward to the projects at hand. 

Julia Reyes
Secretary and SATAOHN Chapter President

I live in Corpus Christi, Texas and work as the Director of Occupational Health at Driscoll Children’s Hospital. Prior to working in Occupational Health, I was a PICU RN and a Paramedic, but my most prestigious job was being a stay at home mom to my 4 children (all grown and gone now). I have been in Occupational Health for a few years now and I absolutely love this field of nursing. As you know – there are never two days alike – OH has a new challenge every day!

Mary Garison
Election Advisor

I am blessed and honored to have the opportunity to represent our TSAOHN Organization once more. For the past 28 years I have had the privilege to actively represent our members as State President, Director of Awards, Director of Conference Vendors, President for Members at Large and as Director for AAOHN National Board of Directors. While serving our TSAOHN and National Board, I was awarded the Medique Leadership Award, the OMI Achievement Award and AAOHN Fellowship Award. During my tenure as a Board member, I have been active working diligently in addressing the issues of our organization. I advocated for and contributed to strategies and provide opportunities for sharing and problem solving. My commitment for TSAOHN is to strive for and promote excellence among our members. To mentor and encourage our new and seasoned members to take active part in our organization by volunteering to be candidates for Board positions. The board needs you, your ideas, your contributions to share new technology, education, and job opportunities for our young and new Occupational Health Nurses. My vision is to have well prepared occupational health nurse leaders who will lead our members in meeting the challenges of new future changes and demands. I am enthusiastic and excited to partake in the work of the Board of Directors, this time as Election Advisor. With your help, I will work relentlessly on your behalf to bring new candidates to run for office so we can give our members choices. You are our most valuable resource! As an individual chapter level, your membership strengthens our association and promotes our credibility and value as a profession. As Occupational Health Professionals, we are the best for improvising and make things work with very little resources and small membership. We make difficult tasks work. I challenge each of you to be the leaders and serve with unconditional love and dedication for our organization. Servant leaders seek the best intervals of those they lead, expecting nothing in return. Take action, Act by volunteering as a candidate for TSAOHN Board if not for state, then your local chapter. One person can make a difference. I am looking forward to serving you as your Election Advisor and pledge to do my best in representing you with pride and integrity.

Henry Guevara
Director I - Governmental Affairs / Bylaws / Policy and Procedure

I am a nurse practitioner for the City of Austin. I am also an adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Austin for the graduate nursing program. Furthermore, I have served as President and have held several director positions for TSAOHN. Occupational health nurses continue to serve in challenging times so I would like to contribute to our professional organization in ways to benefit our entire group. Henry Guevara, PhD,MPH,APRN,FNP-C

Marsha Vanlandingham
Director II (Communications/Publicity)

I have worked as a public health nurse, and school nurse before retiring as a senior occupational health nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital. I worked at TCH for a total of 14 years. I started at the Texas Medical Center location and worked there for 10 years. I then opened the Employee Health office at the new TCH in The Woodlands. I worked at The Woodlands location for 4 years. What a blessing this was as I truly enjoyed the position! I am happy to serve and looking forward to my time as the Director of Communications. Thank you Marsha Vanlandingham, BSN, RN Retired Senior Occupational Health Nurse

Jackie Baker
Director III - Professional Affairs/Conference/VendorRelations

I have worked for Shell Oil Company as an Occupational Health Nurse for 38 years. Working in a variety of roles throughout my career with Shell both in a manufacturing and corporate setting. My current role is a Nurse Practitioner in a occupational clinical setting. I appreciate the opportunity to participate on the TSAOHN Board and represent our members.

Karen Parker
Director IV - Awards/Recognition/Benevolence

My name is Karen Parker and I am the Senior Corporate Occupational Health Nurse at Phillips 66. I currently serve as the Election Advisor for the Houston Chapter of Occupational Health Nurses. As a director on the Texas Board of Occupational Health Nurses, I will work tirelessly with the board to help provide the members with tools that will help to grow the membership as well as offering other strategies needed to maintain the sustainability of our organization. I also see this as an opportunity to learn and grow within my profession to help it prosper.