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Dear Texas Members,


Once again, we have proven that things are Bigger & Better in Texas! I don’t know if you had the opportunity to hear the wonderful comments from the AAOHN Board members and staff, so I wanted to make sure you knew. Over and over again, compliments about Texas volunteers reached my ears!


“The Texas group is always willing to step in and help.”


“I’ve never seen a host chapter/state participate at this level!!!”


“All we have to do is mention that we need some help and Texas folks start showing up.”


“Wow, I’ve never seen anything like it – ask and you shall receive Texas help.”


Please share with your fellow members the outstanding job they did in every aspect of the National Conference. We set a precedent that will last a long time. In fact, the staff commented that they hoped the Texas can-do spirit would rub off on the Bostonians for the 2015 conference.


Karen Barrett, RN, COHN-S, CHSP, FAAOHN
President TSAOHN


April 7, 2015 - TSAOHN Employment Opportunity posted online

Occupational Health Nurse – Greenville, TX – CLICK HERE for more details

March 30, 2015 - Texas OH Nurses Attend 2015 Nurse in Washington Internship Program

Two members of the Texas State Association of Occupational Health Nurses (TSAOHN), Patricia Hill, MSN, RN, CEAS, and Letha Smith MS, RN, COHNS, FAAOHN attended the Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI) held by the Nursing Organizations Alliance (The Alliance) in Washington, D.C., March 15 – 17, 2015. Patricia Hill is the immediate past president of the Austin Chapter and Letha Smith is a member of the North Texas Chapter.

For complete details and photos – CLICK HERE

March 23, 2015 - Welcome Newest and Renewing Members of TSAOHN

Please welcome the following newest and renewing members of TSAOHN:

Tammy Raizes – ATAOHN
Jilla Brooks – ATAOHN
Elizabeth Obert – ATAOHN
Jeanne Orgon – ATAOHN
Rheannon Eddy – HTAOHN
Terrell Reed – HTAOHN
Sandra Faltesek – HTAOHN
Brenda Ludowig – HTAOHN
Brandi Stanczak  - NTAOHN
Monica Thrasher – NTAOHN
Lisa Bultman – NTAOHN
Ursula Handy – NTAOHN
Rachel Lancaster – NTAOHN
Shae Murphy – NTAOHN
Robert Bassuk
Myrtle Hightower
Kathie Bradley
Terry Moreland
Julia Reyes
Sonja Clark
Jessica Salazar
Kelsey Consigli

March 2, 2015 - ABOHN Announcement

Some of you may have missed the 2012 announcement from ABOHN, our certifying organization, or you may have ignored a letter, knowing that your certification was not due yet. You may find your certification in suspension if you have not renewed your fees for 2015. Please be advised to check with ABOHN to determine your status. This was a topic of discussion at our last Board of Directors meeting. Please read the information below shared by ABOHN. CLICK HERE for complete details

March 1, 2015 - Request for Candidates 2016-2017

In accordance with provisions of the TSAOHN Bylaws, I am requesting names of candidates for the offices of President Elect, Treasurer, Director (two positions open) Election Advisor – CLICK HERE for more details

January 29, 2015 - Welcome New Members

We would like to give a Texas size welcome to all of the new TSAOHN members – CLICK HERE to view list of the latest members

November 19, 2014 - AAOHN Fellows announcement…

The AAOHN Fellow designation recognizes AAOHN members who, as nursing leaders, make a significant contribution to the field of occupational and environmental health nursing. AAOHN Fellows comprise a group of leaders who provide vision to advance the skills, knowledge and abilities of occupational and environmental health nurses influence policy, contribute to research and exemplify highly effective management and clinical practices.” (AAOHN website.) If you’d like to nominate someone for the AAOHN Fellowship designation, go to the AAOHN Website.

Texas is proud to have five AAOHN Fellows among its members, congratulations for all your contributions to OHN!

Mary Garison – Angleton, Tx
Karen Barrett – Corinth, Tx
Linda F. Walker – Fresno, Tx
Henry Guevara – Georgetown, Tx
Elizabeth Lawhorn – Houston, Tx
Helen K. Maher – Houston, Tx
Olga S. Tompkins – Houston, Tx

A list of all AAOHN Fellows who are available to lend their expertise to AAOHN chapter officers can be found on the AAOHN website. AAOHN Fellows are available for consultation to chapter officers. For AAOHN Fellows contact information – they are listed alphabetically by State, then City on the AAOHN website, under member directory.

November 13, 2014 - 2013 Scholarships and Recognition Awards

TSAOHN is honored and proud to announce the names of the recipients of the 2013 Scholarships and Recognition Awards – CLICK HERE for complete details


Jean Davis Undergraduate Scholarship – Laura Doyle, RN
Jean Davis Graduate Scholarship – Bridget Vinson Page, RN
Leadership Award sponsored by OMI – Bridget Vinson Page, RN
Achievement Award sponsored by Medique – Sandra Carson, RN of HTAOHN
Chapter Merit Award – Houston Texas Association of Occupational Health Nurses
Philanthropic Award – San Antonio Association of Occupational Health Nurses

November 12, 2014 - 2015 TSAOHN State Conference

“Sailing Unchartered Waters While Exploring Occupational Health” - Please save the date for the upcoming TSAOHN state conference. Come sail the unchartered waters with us while we explore the latest in occupational health. CLICK HERE for more details

November 7, 2014 - From the desk of the TSAOHN Director of Awards/Recognition/Benevolence…..

Greetings to you all. The past year has brought us new learning’s as to what would be “Best Practice” for the TSAOHN membership to better utilize the TSAOHN Awards and Scholarships application process. Working with the TSAOHN Webmaster we have made great improvements to this application process. There will only be ONE avenue to apply for these awards and that is through the TSAOHN secure portal site. The deadline for submitting all applications and reference letters for the 2014 awards is December 31, 2014. The applications have been updated to include LPN/LVN’s who are seeking an Associate or higher degree in nursing. These awards will be presented during the 2015 Fall TSAOHN State Conference.


On another note, during your TSAOHN Board of Directors 2014 Fall meeting there was a change made to the amount of the TSAOHN awards. The TSAOHN Jean Davis Graduate Student Scholarship amount was increased from $500.00 to $750.00. It was felt that this amount would better benefit the recipient with the increasing cost of graduate school. The TSAOHN Philanthropic Award was decreased to $300.00 from $500.00.


We look forward to receiving your applications for these prestigious awards. You are all very deserving to be a recipient. Please contact me via the TSAOHN website if you have questions.


Best regards,
Janie De Jesus, RN, MS, COHN-S/CM
TSAOHN Director of Awards/Recognition/Benevolence