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Sadly we say farewell to Mr. Summer, but we gladly fall in love with the perfect autumn weather.


It has been an exciting year for the TSAOHN board as we have two brand new BOD members in two very exciting director positions. Ms. Marsha Van   is your Communications director and Ms. Jackie Baker is your director of Professional Affairs and vendor relations.


TSAOHN board worked diligently all last year on updating the TSAOHN P & P Manual that was long overdue for an overhaul. Your BOD used some great resource with in depth experience in Occupational Health Nursing and a previous TSAOHN president to assist with this project.  So this is now electronically saved on the website. Available for all BOD members to use.


TSAOHN is working on moving forward to use the most current communication technology that we all now practice on a daily basis. Thus, TSAOHN website is also undergoing a face lift.


We understand that all of our jobs require an electronic means to stay in touch and communicate. And we want to facilitate fresh information to our membership.


Your BOD is also hosting at least one TeleSpan meeting a year and many more email communication take place. This is with the intention of being fiduciary responsible with travel expenses and preventable costs. TSAOHN will host its bi annual fall conference in November 2017. We are looking forward to providing you with a progressive educational event as well as an exciting and enjoyable networking experience.


In the meantime we have other thrilling events taking place. TSAOHN has scholarships and awards to give away! Did you know that these are there for you, and your chapter? All you need to do is apply!   As most chapters including national, nominations, elections and voting are now in progress. Between now and December, Vote, Vote Vote ! Let your voice be heard. Want to see changes? Need to make changes? Self-nominate! Nominate one of peers, colleagues. TSAOHN BOD welcomes you with open arms. All local chapters welcome the volunteering of its members. In order to survive nonprofits require the collaboration and responsibility of its members. Just like a bank account you can only take out what you have put in. Check TSAOHN.org for more information and details.


Let’s not forget bylaws. Bylaws keep us on track. These are the rules and regulations, the guidelines that maintain an organization in order and legal. So when members want to change these guidelines it is imperative the changes make sense. And they serve the purpose they are meant to serve. So that the organization remains safe and sound. At this time AAOHN has proposed some interesting changes. The AAOHN Board of Directors is proposing a name change for the association: Association of Nurses for Worker Health — Occupational Health Nurses Improving Well-being and Safety. AAOHN states this means a shift in role to address well-being and safety rather than addressing just injury and illness occurring from work. OHNs have for decades addressed prevention;since the inception of the “health fair”! Or whatever the name de jour is! Wellness and health promotion has been part of safety at work and at home.


Most currently “Employee Health” is used to “describe the nurse” in the hospital setting that coordinates the immunizations etc. Are occupational nurses only employee health? Worker health? Our root name came from ““industrial nurses” referring to a trade. Today’s industry still includes manufacturing, retail, grocery, gas and oil, construction, office work, etc. etc. But industry calls for total “”occupational care. You need both a system of care and prevention. Nothing new. OSHA refers “to safeguard the health or safety of workers.” “ … In the event of conflict among any such standards, the Secretary shall promulgate the standard which assures the greatest protection of the safety or health of the affected employees.” The Occupational Outlook Handbook by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is written to help you find career information on duties, education, training and pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations = Career information of what workers do in their occupation.


Many TSAOHN members have expressed confusion and concern. As your TSAOHN board has reviewed and discussed this proposal there are many questions that have been asked. How will it affect local chapter changes? Are local chapters ready to also make a name change? Not just on paper, but as state corporations there is a legal side to address. Are chapters prepared for this? Financially ready to absorb the cost?  Your TSAOHN offers this information to provide food for thought in making your decision. You may contact your board on the TSAOHN page.


We’d love to hear from you. Please vote. .
Happy Autumn… Stop and smell the flowers.


Maria G. “Lupe” Dominguez R.N.COHNS/CM


Applications are now being accepted for pilot projects proposal to be awarded this year from the NC Occupational Safety and Health Education and Research Center at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The due date is October 26, 2016 to receive the proposals.
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AAOHN is seeking individuals who might be interested in representing the South Central/Southwest region on the Election Committee for the upcoming 2017 election.
Nominations are being sought for the following positions:

President-Elect | Term: 2017-2019 – The P.....
The TSAOHN Board Meeting occurred on Saturday 6/25/16 at the Homewood Suites in Austin, Texas. We worked hard for our members and took a quick break outside to have our picture taken.
On behalf of the TSAOHN Board of Directors, we would like to send a Texas size welcome to all our new members:

Melva Davis – Amarillo – Member at Large
Sharol Finley – Amarillo – Member at Large
Donna Escobar – San Angelo – Member at Large
Michael Doyal –.....
April 25, 2016 - Got Pics?
We’re looking for pics from our recent TSAOHN Texas Night at the Candy Apple Café to add on the TSAOHN website and social media. If you have pics you would like to share, please email them to webmaster@tsaohn.org
We are also looking for pics from past TSAOHN events as well.

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September 30, 2016 - Occupational Health Nurse
October 15, 2016 - Occupational Health Nurse
October 25, 2016 - Occupational Health Nurse


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