Are you interested in occupational and environmental health nursing?

Are you a nurse or other health care professional working in an occupational health setting?

Typically, OHNs are nurses licensed to practice in the states in which they are employed. In 2011, AAOHN voted to invite our nursing LPN/LVN colleagues to join the association as active members. AAOHN hopes to represent their needs by providing guidance in setting scopes of practice, ethics, and education to enhance their practice of occupational health.



Membership Levels available through AAOHN:

Thank you for joining or renewing your membership with AAOHN. We are happy to respond to questions regarding membership in local and state chapters Any new and renewing member will receive a choice for membership in any chapter within a 100 mile radius of their primary mailing address.


Membership Benefits

TSAOHN offers a wide variety of benefits that include:


Professional Affairs


Here are some specifics from AAOHN:

QUESTION:  Are members given a choice of all the chapters within the 100 mile radius?
ANSWER: Yes, Members are given their choice of chapters within the 100 mile radius when she or he renews or joins.

QUESTION:  Will a member who provides an address near state boundaries be given the choice of more than one state chapter for membership?
ANSWER: Yes, If a member provides an address near a state boundary, and elects to join a local chapter outside of their home state, s/he will be offered the choice between the two state chapter memberships.

QUESTION:  Can a member make a chapter designation other than one that is offered when s/he renews or joins?
ANSWER: Yes, Any member has always had the ability to make a choice of chapters, different than the ones suggested by the AAOHN system.

QUESTION:  Can a member join more than one local or state chapter?
ANSWER: Yes, Any member who wishes to join more than one local or state chapter may do so by contacting the  AAOHN National Office as our registration system is set for joining only one Local and state chapter but the AAOHN staff are able to access multiple chapter registrations.

QUESTION:  What if a member doesn’t want to join a local or state chapter and only wants to be a member of AAOHN?
ANSWER: AAOHN is built on the strength of its Chapters, and requires that a member join a local chapter if there is one within 100 miles of their primary mailing address. If there is no state Chapter or local chapter within 100 miles, the member will be able to join as a national AAOHN member only. If a member is more than 100 miles from the nearest local chapter, but would still like to join that chapter, they are able to do so.

For more information, please contact the AAOHN National Office at 800‐241-8014 or contact us through the contact page