Dr. Levinda Walpole, DHA, MBA, BSN, CCRN, RN, LSSYB

I am a transformational healthcare leader who is passionate about mentoring and promoting others to excel in their healthcare field of expertise. In doing so, each person can maximize their God given unique contributions to aid in reducing the health care gap and improve the health of mankind. As an experienced Critical Care RN specialist with over 30 years of administrative responsibilities in multi service lines (Heart & Vascular, ICU, Ambulatory, Outpatient, Women’s Health, Occupational Health, Various Physical Therapy Modalities-Aquatic, Hand, Speech, Wound, Infusion, Radiology, Research, and more), I am driven most by the interdisciplinary holistic approach offered in corroboration with my colleagues to provide the best healthcare through our workplace. My success is our success. It is a biproduct of the relationships created, established, and nurtured by the people whom I am most honored to serve alongside.

As a representative in various advisory boards, our remarkable voice will be recognized on state, national, and international platforms to maximize awareness and increase our outreach to the communities in whom we have an obligation. As your President-elect, I am committed to the advancement and growth of the next generation of Occupational Health Nurses in the State of Texas; addressing latest methods to a safe work environment; identify new mental health support and strategies; encourage our team members to share best practices; identify and promote work succession planning and concrete pathways to address glass ceilings and maximize equity, diverse, and inclusion for a better health workplace.

Dr. Levinda Walpole, DHA, MBA, BSN, CCRN, RN, LSSYB


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