Hurricane Harvey: Port Arthur Relief Effort w/ SATAOHN

“Driving to Port Aransas is not easy. It may have been, before America became great again, but now there is a line of trucks and cars miles and miles long. People heading into every south Texas town affected by Harvey to help people they don’t know who have lost everything. People from all over this nation are coming to bring ice, water, free food, and to lend a hand to every single person they can hand it to. Strangers asking strangers to help in strangers homes to remove debris and salvage anything that might be saved. And this is how America became great again. Not by a president, a political viewpoint, or a single color race, but by sweat, compassion, and helping hands. And as I gazed at the long line of cars going slower than slow, my heart overwhelms in pride. When we put our differences aside and go beyond our self, beyond our own needs to help one another, we become the change. We are an amazing people, us Americans. God bless you, and God bless Texas.” – Julia Reyes, DNP, APRN, CPNP-AC – SATAON President