TSAOHN is the professional association for registered nurses who provide on-the-job health care for Texas workers. When you become a member of TSAOHN, you form a link with AAOHN, which is a nationwide network of over 150 local chapters in nearly 50 states. These members work in roles as diverse as clinician to educator, case manager to corporate director and consultant.

Occupational Health Nursing is a specialized practice devoted to health promotion at the workplace, achieving corporate cost efficiency thru the delivery of occupational health.


Governance / Board of Directors

TSAOHN is governed by an elected Board of Directors. the Board of directors consists of the following members:


The directors are appointed to following positions:


The Board of Directors meet three times a year and an invitation is extended to each of the local chapter presidents to attend.

Governmental Affairs
The latest in legislative issues; standards and guidelines enacted by state and federal agencies that impact health care are researched by TSAOHN and communicated to members. They cover some of the following areas:

Texas Workers Compensation
Nurse Practice Act
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines
Environmental Protection Act (EPA)
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Department of Transportation

Membership Benefits
TSAOHN offers a wide variety of benefits that include:

Communication through out website www.tsaohn.org
Continuing education courses specific to the field of Occupational Health Nurses
Promote multiple professional certificates
Employment information and opportunities
Networking & mentoring with experienced Occupational Health Nurses
Legislative updates
Promotion of the value of Occupational Health Nurses in the business community

Professional Affairs
Annual TSAOHN conference that provides nursing continuing education
Preparation for multiple certifications in the field of occupational and environmental health nursing
Leadership development
Scholarships for basic and advanced degree programs