Karen Parker

As the current Director of Awards, Recognition and Benevolence, I currently manage the annual awards and recognitions for members of TSAOHN which also entails acknowledging illnesses, deaths, or other services of significance to the organization. Another important job that this position entails is posting applications for the Scholarships and Awards on the TSAOHN website and promoting within the local chapters as much as possible in collaboration with the local Presidents and members. I am seeking to serve the members of TSAOHN for this upcoming election again in the capacity of the Director for Awards, Recognition and Benevolence for the 2023-2024 term. I pledge my service to the organization and to promote as many awards and scholarships to as many members as possible to take advantage of these monetary and honorary opportunities to further the mission of their chapters. It is important to recognize the contributions of the member as well as their accomplishments.

Please consider me as your next Director for Awards, Recognition and Benevolence.

Karen B Parker
Director of Awards/Recognition and Benevolence


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