Good morning all…

In case you didn’t know, we have a Facebook page for our association and would love to have you be a part of that as I am posting photos there of our efforts as well as updates on the community needs that we are finding. The link is:

The areas we are focusing our efforts to help are Aransas Pass, Rockport, Port Aransas, Victoria, and Refugio. We are not able to go further north (Houston area) at this time for obvious reasons, and the need is VERY great here. Some people in these areas have also lost everything. I want to share just a few photos with you of our first trip out yesterday.

One of our own members (Jennifer Cole from Aransas Pass) had significant damage to her home, but this girl has a huge heart and instead of letting us help her with her home, she directed us towards her neighbors who had worse damage. We put a tarp over this very steep roof (I do not have a picture of the finished product….) which was scary since it was also very windy.

We also drove around Aransas Pass and handed out supplies. At one home we stopped at was an elderly couple. They just cried and hugged us. Another home had about 7-8 small children that looked like they were from a third world country. Each child got a flashlight and a can of spaghettios – you would have thought that we were Santa Claus! What a humbling experience. I know when I was finally by myself, I just broke down and cried from the devastation we saw. We need people who have chain saws and are willing to do hard labor to move trees and debris.

If you would like to help, we can take donations or physical help. When we were out yesterday, we came up with additional items that people could use that people may not have thought of: mosquito spray, camping stoves with small propane tanks, hand sanitizer, bath wipes (baby wipes because people don’t have water to bathe), deodorant, mouth wipes/toothpaste, can goods that open without can openers like raviolios/spaghettios, toilet paper, paper plates/spoons/bowls/etc, flashlights, D batteries, contractor trash bags, work gloves, diapers, baby food, animal food. The list is really never ending – just think of what you would need if you had nothing. We drove around to devastated areas and just handed out supplies yesterday (of course water among those supplies).

I am sorry that we have not had a meeting to discuss this with the entire association, but we did have text message discussions with the board. I hope that you will just know in your heart that we are representing our association with a servants attitude and lots of love for our fellow Texans. We just want to help and ease the suffering (like nurses always want to do!).

I am worried about the upcoming gasoline shortage thwarting our efforts to help those in need. Additionally, it is very hard to get supplies here in Corpus Christi – the shelves are pretty much depleted. My daughter is bringing me down a truckload of supplies from San Antonio on Thursday, and I have someone who contacted me from Midland who is bringing me in a 6 horse trailer of supplies on Friday. I am not even sure how I am going to get that out to everyone or where to put it until I get it, but I am not turning it down.

Much love to all. Please continue to pray for our efforts.

Julia Reyes, DNP, APRN, CPNP-AC
President, SATAOHN
361-694-6718 office
361-728-7044 cell
361-808-2108 fax