San Antonio Healthcare Workers’ Perceptions of Burnout during COVID-19

In this Year of the Nurse, there have been challenges not only for nurses but also for nursing students. Since TSAOHN and its membership are unable to meet one of our goals of recruiting nursing students by attending job fairs or speaking at nursing schools regarding the field of occupational health nursing, please consider assisting this senior with her capstone project by answering her brief survey. This will be an excellent opportunity for us to meet our goal and promote our nursing field. It doesn’t take long! See original message below…

Ronda L. Dillard, BSN, RN, COHN | Program Manager Employee Health



I am a high school senior in San Antonio and I am planning on pursuing a BSN in nursing at the University of Houston this coming fall. I am doing a senior project on burnout in healthcare workers in the Bexar County area. I adapted my survey after the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic to include consideration of coronavirus in the survey. Because I was unable to complete my internship at UT Health Science Center due to COVID-19 restrictions, I have had difficulty finding participants as I am of course in quarantine at home. I am writing to ask if any nurses in your association would be willing to fill out my anonymous 5 minute survey. It is not intended for publication or sharing in any way. It is completely anonymous and is solely for the purposes of completing my class project for my senior capstone course. I thank you in advance for your willingness to participate if you choose to do so. You will have contributed to helping me get an A and finish my senior year strong.

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Anastasia Genovesi