Dear TSAOHN members:

As you may be aware by now, AAOHN proposed a change in the member structure of the National Association. A proposal was presented to the members that would allow you, the members, to decide how you wanted to structure your affiliation with the association.

There are several ways you can be an occupational health nurse member. The votes were cast and the proposal passed. With this vote, a change in how the state, regional, and local membership dues would be paid.

Because of our dwindling Texas membership numbers and keeping our local chapters viable, there is also the option of becoming a state organization only and dissolving the local chapters. Many states have already adopted this option because of some of the same issues we are experiencing in our own state.

Below is a survey we are asking each member to submit. Because of the approved National vote, there will be changes with bylaws, dues, and possible board structures that will need to addressed. If our members choose to do nothing, then National will continue to collect our dues as they are doing now.

Based on the survey results, Texas’ BOD may need to make some of the above changes. So, please complete the survey and return to us as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Mary Garison, RN, COHN-S, CCM, FAAOHN
TSAOHN President