IMPORTANT: eNewsletter notifications

Greetings TSAOHN Members..

In addition to posting on the website and social media, one of our main forms of TSAOHN communication is through our eNewsletter system. These eNewsletters contain information for upcoming events, various elections (State and Chapters) and much much more..

Depending on the time of the year, sometimes there may only be a couple of emails sent out in a month, at other times there can be multiple emails sent throughout the week. We try our best not to flood your email boxes with too much information at once.

It is very important to make sure we have your correct email address, if not, the only form of updates you will see is by visiting the website. Our email list comes directly from – so if there is a need to make an update, please contact them directly. You can also send an email to or, as we try to update our system on a regular basis, but it only affects our database.

Lastly, some eNewsletter systems will automatically flag an email address as “Inactive” if there is no indication within a 6 month period of the eNewsletters being viewed or opened. So it is important to open these on a regular basis.

At any point if you are not receiving these on a regular basis, feel free to contact me directly at or so we can look into it.