Happy Holiday from the TSAOHN Board…

My Dear TSAOHN Members:

As my term comes to an end, I’d like to take this opportunity to say “ thank you” for allowing me to serve you as your TSAOHN President for the past two years.

During my campaign, I made two promises to the members of TSAOHN. One Promise was to represent you with pride and integrity. The other promise was to maintain an open line of communication between the Board and the members while operating with transparency. I feel we kept the promises by working together. As mentioned before, you are all aware our chapters are struggling to remain solvent. It is not so much from a financial standpoint as it is from a participatory one.

We are asked to do more with less and those of you who are still working are being stretched very thin. Our local and state chapters are asking you to continue to volunteer and we see burnout throughout our organization.

It is because of these challenges the Board has worked to become more creative in how we do our business. While continuing to maintain our fiduciary responsibility, we also looked at ways we can manage the work that we do on the board with a fewer members.

For those of you who could not attend our 2019 Conference, there were two important issues attendees voted on during our business meeting. I am proud to report both passed.

We eliminated the word “biennial” from our bylaws so that we may be able to have a business meeting without having to wait two years to do so. We now have the latitude to hold a business meeting when the need arises.

The second issue was to clarify the term limit of the immediate past-president position. The position is now one year. This decision was based on restructuring the board to meet our fiduciary responsibility. This position is an ad hoc position with no voting rights. There are no other similar organizations that have an immediate past-president position. So, after careful review of all board positions and a board consensus, the decision was made to limit the time to one year. We hope that past presidents will choose to continue supporting our organization.

In an effort to save money we chose to create our own online registration and used Pay Pal as the vendor for collecting the registration fees. As to be expected, we encounter some learning curves. We got through them and in the process, we learned what to do for future conferences. We chose this route because RegOnline is being dissolved as of December 31, of this year. CVent will take over and their fees were cost prohibited. The fee structure that was presented to us by CVent did not meet our conference budgetary needs. This decision to do our own proved to be a money saver. With the money saved, we can give back to you, our members and continue our scholarships and community outreach services. This year we were able to reimburse registration fees for two of our self- paying members.

It has been my pleasure and honor serving you as your TSAOHN President. On behalf of myself and the Board we wish each of you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

President, 2018-2020