A Message from your TSAOHN President

Dear TSAOHN Members,

I hope this finds you and your respective businesses in a good place now that the summer months are with us. We have some of our population vaccinated for SARSCoV2, some that never will and our governor has made masks optional – to the horror of all medical personnel.

A lot has happened since the TSAOHN Board of Directors issued the challenge of Chapter restructuring. To our surprise, 3 of our chapters rallied and voted to stay intact! I was so happy to see that happen. We still have 2 chapters that probably won’t stay viable over the next year or two. But 3 of them are enough to keep us going!

Thank you for all of your effort in keeping our organization alive and well. We will commit to you, as you have committed to us. Together we will handle the future one day at a time.

May God bless!

Karen Barrett
President TSAOHN