A Message from Kevin Bready

Hello all, I hope that 2018 has been a great year for you. Over the last 18 months your board has been working diligently behind the scenes to improve/maintain the value of your membership. The reason I mention this is it is not always evident in the immediate product of ones efforts; however rest assured we are working on your behalf. Attached are the minutes from your board’s last conference call detailing the changes to our financial/ banking structure, Leadership Changes, and Educational Opportunities. I am proud to announce that we now have established an education plan including online CE option, are offering live CE opportunities in August and October, have provided a CPR class in 2017 and will again in 2019, and we now also have a membership group established on Linked In – please join us there for membership updates, articles, and CE notifications – locally and regionally- as opposed to a barrage of emails. We have established a financial plan, an engagement plan, and a recruiting plan. We have established an approved list of restaurants for live meetings, all of which are in Arlington as the mid cities area seems to be the best concession since we are spread across the DFW Metroplex area – with membership extensions even farther out. Last week we began reaching out to collateral trade/professional organization’s and conference holders to establish a recruiting and information presence as well as attendance seats ; more details on this to come as we are ironing out details over the next few weeks. We are currently reaching out to local nursing schools to establish a relationship partnering with the schools for use of facilities for large meetings/ future day conference facility use etc., but the ultimate plan is to establish a program in which we can speak to nursing students about occupational health as a recognized specialty, mentor students professionally as they grow and mature into our future members, and provide a network of support for each other and fellow nurses.

The NTAOHN is 100 members strong, with over 1 thousand years of health, safety and injury prevention knowledge and experience, but we aren’t connecting this knowledge with those who need it most – those who are the future of this organization and We aren’t connecting well with each other – the “present” of the organization. As the board has met, we have discussed concerns over participation and engagement and this is not isolated to our group alone as every chapter faces challenges. Our work and personal lives demand more now than ever before – but that doesn’t change that the fact that we need engaged and active members to help support our mission – we need you! The NTAOHN board also realizes that communication has been light and that some may feel under-represented or under-informed so we are working diligently to correct this. If there is anything you feel we can improve upon, ideas, suggestions, complaints, concerns, etc. The NTAOHN Boards’ contact information is also included so please reach out to us and let’s begin a conversation. Don’t forget to join us on Linked In.

All the Best!
Kevin Bready
Interim President NTAOHN