2018 TSAOHN Jean Davis Scholarship Graduate Award – Linda Walker

This year’s recipient of the 2018 TSAOHN Jean Davis Scholarship Graduate Award is a student at Capella University

Her goal to obtain a Masters of Science in Nursing and teach nursing on the college or university level. She is planning on using her experience in occupational health and safety to strengthen the field of occupational health. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Masters of Science in Occupational Health and Safety. With evidence based practice becoming the norm in the workforce today, she feels that with a Masters of Science in Nursing, she will have the ability to teach both occupational health and safety. She feels that they should both be taught hand and hand. By furthering her education, she will be well equipped to handle the task. She believes that a healthy workforce can also be a safe workforce. Worker health is very important in any occupational situation. If the future nurses are taught both the importance of both occupational and safety practices, they will be able to be a part of the future sustainability of the profession of occupational health.

She has done independent research for a utility company referencing the effects of coal dust and possible cancer exposure. And has conducted an independent study on how aggressive return to work practice with a reasonable accommodation can vastly affect the bottom line in a positive manner. By conducting the study and introducing the aggressive return to work practice, she was instrumental in saving one of the plants five million dollars. She has written several newsletter articles for the national organization and an article for a national safety magazine.

She has worked in occupational for over twenty years and have been active on all levels of occupational health. She has served in numerous positions on the local, state and national levels of occupational health. She has presented at conferences, written and review policies and procedures on the local, state, and chaired the national Governance committee. She has served on the conference planning committee for the state conferences. She has co-chaired the case management practice exchange for the national conference for the past five years. She has served as a consultant for occupational case management for personal and work related injuries and illnesses and has worked and managed the medical surveillance programs for a large utility conference to include providing vendor management for multiple vendors. She is presently a consultant on a part-time basis with start-up businesses.

It is with great pleasure that I get to present the 2018 TSAOHN 2018 TSAOHN Jean Davis Scholarship Graduate Award to Linda Walker.

Thank you,
Janie De Jesus, RN, MS, COHN-S/CM, FAAOHN
TSAOHN Director of Awards/Recognition/Benevolence