2017 TSAOHN Chapter Award Announcement

Austin, TX OHN chapter was presented with the 2017 TSAOHN Chapter Award during the 2017 TSAOHN Fall Conference. ATAOHN offers a full-day education event at least every other year to promote lifelong learning opportunities, continued nursing education and professional growth. The most current offering dedicated a stimulating educational day reflected principles of adult learning strategies and provided a variety of sessions on a common theme: “Updates to the Field of Occupational Health Nursing”. The event enhanced development of scope of practice and standards for occupational and environmental health nurses. This Continuing Education day also encouraged and attracted nurses who are not yet members. ATAOHN membership was 29, and attendance was 53 nurses! ATAOHN has sponsored 3 members to receive a $400.00 reimbursement to attend a national or state OHN conference.

ATAOHN encourages networking at their social events which also support the chapter’s philanthropic activities. The chapter leadership have chosen a few charitable organizations where members volunteer and have purchased Lavender polo shirts with the ATAOHN logo to wear while involved in OHN volunteer work, showing pride in our profession, and helping spread the word of our community activities. The ATAOHN Communications’ team, Chapter President and Awards Committee send out emails regarding opportunities for awards at national, state, and chapter levels. There is assistance available to encourage peers to recognize each other. Volunteer and scholarship activities are shared throughout the year and celebrated during the annual holiday dinner party. Other CE activities of interest are passed on through email distribution and scholarships are available to encourage member attendance at special events, such as chapter support of the NIWI conference in Washington, D.C.

The Austin, Texas, Association of Occupational Health Nurses has a firm structure, grounded in Policy and Procedure and supplemented with By Laws which are reviewed yearly. Each leadership position has a concise job description, which is kept current with each transfer to a new person in that position. The chapter is well organized and actively seeks new members. Emails are sent to invite members to run for office and reminders sent prior to annual voting periods.

The ATAOHN chapter has a focus of giving back to the Occupational Health Nurse community. Although a small chapter, they have survived and now are thriving, in spite of economic changes in the workplace.