TSAOHN Advertisement Opportunities

Options for Texas State Association of Occupational Health Nurses (TSAOHN) Web advertising are as follows:


TSAOHN Web Sponsorship / Advertising

This is for companies who work with TSAOHN members and who want to support the organization or want to maintain market awareness by offering your products. In return you will be given banner space on the TSAOHN website Home Page.

A graphic banner may be in the form of a Company logo or other company produced graphic, you may contact the admin@tsaohn.org for specifics. The graphic can be placed on the TSAOHN home page or any of the linked pages.

The graphic or text may be linked to the advertiser’s website or to a PDF file on the TSAOHN web or vendor web.

If the Sponsorship or Ad is placed for one (1) year the graphic/text maybe changed every quarter at the Vendor’s/Company’s discretion.

If you cannot use a credit card you may make payment arrangements by contacting the Director of Publicity & Public Affairs listed on the screen; if the Director is not immediately available, to save your time, you may contact the admin@tsaohn.org

The Web Sponsorship form is a link from the TSAOHN Home Page rates are as follows:



Continuing Education Programs

If there is no charge for the program and the topic is of interest to TSAOHN members the advertising is free for 1 month.

If there is a charge for the program and the organization wishes to publish their program on the TSAOHN web an “in kind” contribution to TSAOHN can be made in the form of complimentary tickets for TSAOHN members.

For all other CE programs contact must be made with the Director of Communications, (Use the “Contact Us” form on the Web.).


Research Studies

If you are trying to reach TSAOHN members to volunteer for a research study there is one criterion that must be met before the study is posted on the Web. The study must have passed an Institutional Review Board for your particular institution/company.

If the study is being done by a TSAOHN member there will be no charge for posting and will be posted for two months.

If the study is being done by any other person or group the charge will be for 30 minutes of the Webmaster’s time for posting and making a link to the study.

Once the study is posted A TSAOHN Update* message is sent to TSAOHN members and will be posted on the TSAOHN Web for two months.

*TSAOHN Update is an electronic message sent to all TSAOHN members when there are changes to the TSAOHN Home Page (generally twice a month) http://www.tsaohn.org